major projects

be represented has been involved in the following major projects:

Discover Australia Alice Springs - Travel Agent Event Australia: With the well known mega familiarisation trip and workshop event taking place again, be represented has been appointed to coordinate and organise the whole event. This complex project included communication with 250 travel agents, 112 Australia product suppliers, airlines, the negotiation between participating parties and consolidation of the whole event.

SWR3 "Elch und weg":the coordination of the radio campaign with Germany's biggest pop radio station and Australia's Northern Territory Tourist Commision was a major project be represented  has been involved in. 80 listeners were sent to the Top End of Australia. The coordination included the compilation of the land programme and events as well as the support of the whole SWR3 crew on site.

Discover Australia Adelaide - Travel Agent Event Australia:250 German travel agents were invited to join familiarisation trips to Australia followed by a workshop weekend. On behalf of  Australia's Northern Territory Tourist Commission be represented was responsible for the famil programmes of two famils including escorting one of the famil groups.


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